Housekeeping 07-14-2017

I know I have not posted for a while and I am sorry. It has been a super busy summer. Between Steel being repeatedly rained out, family obligations, vacations and school, I have not had much time. I did shoot a Steel Match on June 30. I have video to

Friday Night Steel, May 12, 2017

Match Date: May 12, 2017 Match Summary: It finally happened. The first steel match of the season. We were supposed to start shooting last week, but it rained so much, the first match was canceled and this was the official first match of the 2017 season. I also realized, this is the

Housekeeping: New Season, New Look!

It’s been a while and there are many things in the works for this year. So it’s time for another housekeeping post. Competition For many of my friends, the shooting season has already started. IDPA and USPSA here in my local area started shooting matches in March and April. After

Steel Shooting Part III: Matches Galore

In Part I, I talked about what steel shooting was and in Part II, I walked through and explained a match from Friday Night Steel. In this last part, I would like to highlight some other matches, both national and local, and some associations that hold matches that shoot steel.

Steel Shooting Part II: Friday Night Steel

In the first part of this series, Steel Shooting Part I: How does it work? I talked about what steel shooting was and some of the various sports that use steel targets of some sort. In this part, I want to talk about how the Friday Night Steel league I shoot