Be aware of your surroundings

We went to Aldi’s today (Sunday, July 23) to do some grocery shopping. As we were walking around I did a scan of the area like I always do and low and behold what do I see? Some young kid openly carrying a gun. That doesn’t bother me at all.

Implementing Your Emergency Plan

Panic and Run! Panic and Run! Anyone who has little kids and watches The Lion Guard on Disney Jr. knows where that comes from. Whenever there is a threat or an emergency, the zebras always holler this and run away. Kion and the Lion Guard then swoop in and save

Daylight Savings Time Starts March 12!

I know, why am I concerned with when Daylight Savings Time starts? Simple. This is a great time to review your home safety and defense plans and equipment. So at 2 AM on Sunday, our clocks will swing forward one hour. But this whole weekend is a great time to

“Tactical” Smartphone Apps

The “Tactical” Smartphone. It will not stop a bullet or provide you with a blade. It doesn’t have the current live video feed from the drone buzzing the area, nor does it have the latest target orders from Super Secret Squirrel Headquarters. No the “Tactical” Smartphone is one that is