Range Report 03/01/2016

Emergency Office Closure + My loving bride out to lunch with family = Rare midday opportunity for trigger time. Our office had no water today, so they let us go home because it was a safety issue. Nothing wring with that in my book. I texted my loving bride and

The Range Report 10/3/2015

Time for another range report. On Saturday the 3rd, my bride and I had a grand opportunity to go shooting together. This was the first time in over a year that she has been shooting. My sister offered to take the little one for a few hours on Saturday, so

Hot Brass Boogying

When you think of the “Brass Dance” you think of people jumping around trying to get hot brass out of their shirt. Some of the people I shoot with are women and we are always on the look out for a rogue casing going in the wrong place. I am

Target Accountability

Todd Green of Pistol-Training.com and Pistol-forum.com published a post today about Target Accountability. We need to know what we are doing and if we care just punching holes in the paper, we are not getting good feedback. He explains it better in his article. Check it out. Target Accountability