Your Home Defense is in Your Hands

Home defense. Simple concept right? Go over and check out the following article by Greg Ellifritz and then come back….I will wait…. Lock Your Damn Doors- 2017 Edition | Active Response Training Are you back? Ok good. I find it amazing that even in today’s age, people don’t lock their

Blog Blast Friday 04/08/2016

Welcome to another edition of Blog Blast Friday! I just started listening to the American Warrior Podcast from Mike Seeklander and have been really enjoying it. In it he talks about various aspects of defensive and competitive shooting, gives you an action plan to follow and some tips for self

WOS – Pro-Tip: Draw and Emergency Reload

Being smooth on your draw and slide lock reloads will help you be faster and sty on target longer. These are things that should be practiced right along with all your other fundamentals. In this Video Article, We take a slow motion look at the draw and emergency reloads. Pro-Tip:

Your Defensive Handgun Training Program

So this arrived in the mail for me the other day. Yes I have Micheal Seeklanders book. I am excited to work through this. I plan on posting as I work through the program to track my results. From what I understand this is basically his defensive pistol course all