Your Home Defense is in Your Hands

Home defense. Simple concept right? Go over and check out the following article by Greg Ellifritz and then come back….I will wait…. Lock Your Damn Doors- 2017 Edition | Active Response Training Are you back? Ok good. I find it amazing that even in today’s age, people don’t lock their

WOS – Shotgun vs. Pistol For Home Defense

The great debate rages on. Which is better for home defense? The shotgun or the pistol. Some say the shotgun for the firepower, others the pistol for portability and accuracy. In this video article, the guys at Thunder Ranch take on this debate and show us which is truly better.

The Babysitter Home Invader Plan!

As a recent Step father of a 15 year old, while developing plans for the family , this was something I never considered. Now that my loving bride and I are trying for one of our own, this is something I need to think more about and create such a