More Training!

As a shooter and Instructor, one thing still amazes me. Why don’t people get more training? Or at the very least seek out more information? I mean I can understand not having a lot of disposable income, so dropping a couple of hundred dollars hurts, but there is so much

Reblog: Dot Torture Shooting Drill | Active Response Training

Here is another great shooting drill write up from Greg Ellifritz on his blog, Active Response Training. I have used this drill myself and like he points out, it forces you to slow down to work on fundamentals like trigger control and sight alignment to make sure that you get

Shooting Drill: The Humbler

Designed by instructor Kyle Defoor, it is a 70-shot, 700-point monster of a drill. Rumor has it that no one has ever shot this with a perfect score. That’s an impressive record if that is the case and I can see why this one is almost impossible to do. At 25 yards, an