Competition Vs. Combat

What’s the old adage? “Train like you fight.” Makes sense. As you are learning, you want to ingrain muscle memory so that when the Shummer impacts the rotating blades and all hell breaks loose, you will fall back on your training and survive. Easy enough. But how do you measure

Guns and the (not so) Affordable Care Act

I read. Alot! and I love to read Facebook. Some of the posts and responses always entertain me and it kind of gives me insight into what people think and feel. There are alot of disagreements on how things should be handled and how things should go. Everyone has their

Stand your ground

I have gotten into a few discussions with people about the so called “Stand your ground” laws in various states. I think this is important to understand since Ohio HB 203 is a bill currently being looked at to modify the Ohio Concealed Carry laws to implement this idea. I

Drawn to a close

Well Friday was the last night for Steel shooting at Friday Night Steel for the season. It’s kind of bittersweet. This was the first year that I started competitive shooting and I started my career at Friday Night Steel. ¬†With this being the last time for steel it pretty much

Carry on, Carry over, Carry…..Open?

In this day and age, the world is not necessarily as ….nice….as it once was. We need to take precautions to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. One method that some of us have chosen is to carry a firearm with us as a last resort defensive weapon. By making