1 + 1 Reload Drill

I enjoy finding new ways to train, and reading about drills in magazines and blogs are fun. Sometimes, you can combine 2 drills into one. Let me show you what I have in mind 😉 Follow me down this deep dark path that is the madness of my mind. I

Range Report

I know it’s been a while, but it’s time once again for a range report with videos and pictures 🙂 So in the last couple of weeks, I have tried different things at the range. Some training and some fun (you can’t train all the time). So let’s jump right

Range Videos

I posted Some new video to my youtube page tonight. First here is my wife shooting our Smith and Wesson M&P-15. Next up we have my stepson shooting our Glock 17 and next up, our last video shows me shooting my Taurus PT1911 Enjoy!