For the Children….

Let me start off by saying, I will probably piss you off with this Article. And that’s ok since this is my blog and my opinion. Also let me state, I love kids. One of the best blessings in my life (besides my gorgeous and understanding wife) is the number

Simplicity is best

In today’s environment, unfortunately people expect politicians to lie, cheat and double talk us out of our shoes. When it comes to the Constitution, people know that it was written by politicians. They expect the double talk and hidden meanings. Especially our current politicians. However that is not the case.

Tools of the Training

If you have the eye of the tiger, my best advice would be, give it back. Otherwise you will be chased by a really pissed off one eyed tiger. But really. We all know that the referenced song is typically used as a tool to pump someone up for training

Counting Sheep Part Duex

This was originally submitted as a comment by a good friend of mine. I asked him for permission to repost it here as a blog article as it is much better thought out (said that way on purpose) then my original Sheep/Sheepdog Article. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much

Counting Sheep

So according to Webster: Sheep noun, often attributive 1 :  any of various hollow-horned typically gregarious ruminant mammals (genus Ovis) related to the goats but stockier and lacking a beard in the male; specifically :  one (O. aries) long domesticated especially for its flesh and wool 2 a :  a timid defenseless creature b :  a timid docile