Thoughts on Orlando

It’s been a few days since the shooting in Orlando and I have needed some time to gather my thoughts and collect information about what happened and what is happening still. First off, my heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones in this attack, a cowardly hate crime. It’s

Remembering Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. Today is not about a cook out or spending time with family or fireworks. Today is not about opening the pool and having a pool party. Today is not about a 3 day weekend from work. Memorial Day is taking time out of your day to

The Making of a Criminal

The dunderheads over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence posted this little jem on their Facebook page a couple of weeks ago:   This is not the first time a gun control group has advocated this exact thing. MDA, Brady and others have all said about the same thing.

What Makes a Responsible Gun Owner

On June 29th, Nick over at Practically Tactical did a show about what it means to be a responsible gun owner. He posted on Facebook asking people to weigh in on the topic and idea with their opinions on what they felt made a person a responsible gun owner. I