Your Hotel is Your Castle Too

It was family vacation time again, so the three of us packed into the car and drove to Florida to pick up the missing member of our family. Of course along the way Squirt, Mommy and I stayed in hotels. And of course I carried a gun the whole time we were traveling.

Reblog: Air Travel With Firearms: The Definitive Guide | Melody Lauer

My Family and I love to travel and see new places. Most of the time we drive because it is easier with all the stuff for the baby. However, I’ve always thought about the possibility of flying with guns. Plus if I would ever want to take a class somewhere

What Makes a Responsible Gun Owner

On June 29th, Nick over at Practically Tactical did a show about what it means to be a responsible gun owner. He posted on Facebook asking people to weigh in on the topic and idea with their opinions on what they felt made a person a responsible gun owner. I

Stolen Firearms

This is a great article from our friend Janine over the Bitterroot Women’s Shooting School about stolen Firearms. There are many things to consider when your gun is stolen, besides the feelings of betrayal and your privacy being violated. I can’t imagine what she felt when it happened and I