Stacking the Deck

Admit it. You don’t want to dry fire cause it’s boring. It doesn’t have the glamour of launching a piece of lead down range at over 1000 feet per second. It’s Dull. It’s time consuming to setup your area and firearms to be safe. ¬†Well Guess what..I agree with you.

Tap, Rack, Reassess

Besides being about one of my favorite hobbies, Firearms, I have wanted this blog to provide some really good information for people. One of the things I love about the shooting sports is teaching people. I get a strong satisfaction in helping and coaching someone new to the sport and

Your new gun and training

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas this year. Mine is not quite over yet as I have 3 more family Christmas parties planned. This is my First Christmas as a married man and honestly, I have loved every minute of it. Getting to spend time with my Wife’s

Tools of the Training

If you have the eye of the tiger, my best advice would be, give it back. Otherwise you will be chased by a really pissed off one eyed tiger. But really. We all know that the referenced song is typically used as a tool to pump someone up for training

Competition Vs. Combat

What’s the old adage? “Train like you fight.” Makes sense. As you are learning, you want to ingrain muscle memory so that when the Shummer impacts the rotating blades and all hell breaks loose, you will fall back on your training and survive. Easy enough. But how do you measure