Responsible Gun Handling 101

Let me share a video with you that has been making it’s rounds on the net over the last few months: As shooters, we are always saying that there is no such thing as an accidental discharge. That there is only a negligent discharge. This proves otherwise. The dude handled it very

More Training!

As a shooter and Instructor, one thing still amazes me. Why don’t people get more training? Or at the very least seek out more information? I mean I can understand not having a lot of disposable income, so dropping a couple of hundred dollars hurts, but there is so much

Appendicitis: I Don’t Carry Appendix

AIWB: Appendix In-Waist Band Carry. It’s all the rage now and is the “in” thing to do.  Yet two years ago, it was shunned as a dangerous method of carry. Well I hate to break it to the people who are pushing AIWB as the next big evolution in concealed carry: AIWB