Jim, I didn’t carry my gun today

With a nod to Johnny Cash, yes it’s true. I didn’t carry my gun one day. Now before you get all wound up like “DUR DUR this is a gun blog, but you didn’t carry your gun. You need more IDPA training or you will get killed in the streets…”

Reblog: Dot Torture Shooting Drill | Active Response Training

Here is another great shooting drill write up from Greg Ellifritz on his blog, Active Response Training. I have used this drill myself and like he points out, it forces you to slow down to work on fundamentals like trigger control and sight alignment to make sure that you get

Securing Your Home

I have some video I want you to watch before we get into things. Amazing is it not? Kudos to the homeowner for doing what was necessary to defend him and his girlfriend. But the defensive gun use is not what I wanted to focus on this time. I know