Appendicitis: I Don’t Carry Appendix

AIWB: Appendix In-Waist Band Carry. It’s all the rage now and is the “in” thing to do.  Yet two years ago, it was shunned as a dangerous method of carry. Well I hate to break it to the people who are pushing AIWB as the next big evolution in concealed carry: AIWB

Distance Saves Lives

Recently (as in the week or so) there was an officer involved shooting where I live on South 75. They just released the body cam video from the shooting yesterday (4/5) and in the video you see the entire confrontation. The officer did a fine job of handling the situation,

Your Hotel is Your Castle Too

It was family vacation time again, so the three of us packed into the car and drove to Florida to pick up the missing member of our family. Of course along the way Squirt, Mommy and I stayed in hotels. And of course I carried a gun the whole time we were traveling.