Housesitting and Security

Over the last weekend, My loving bride, Squirt and myself stayed at my brother and sister in laws to house sit and watch their pets while they were out of town. They live on the bottom floor of an apartment building. I got to thinking about security. When you are

“Tactical” Smartphone Apps

The “Tactical” Smartphone. It will not stop a bullet or provide you with a blade. It doesn’t have the current live video feed from the drone buzzing the area, nor does it have the latest target orders from Super Secret Squirrel Headquarters. No the “Tactical” Smartphone is one that is

More Training!

As a shooter and Instructor, one thing still amazes me. Why don’t people get more training? Or at the very least seek out more information? I mean I can understand not having a lot of disposable income, so dropping a couple of hundred dollars hurts, but there is so much