Here is a new drill I tried that I enjoyed. I took the opportunity to try out a drill from Todd Green’s Website, Pistol-training.com. He also has a companion website, pistol-forum.com. Both are excellent resources for drills and training. I read the forums alot more then I post, but I am

1 + 1 Reload Drill Revisited

If you remember, I did an article a few days ago on the 1 + 1 Reload Drill I found on the Modern Service Weapons Blog. That Article can be found here. Go ahead and go read it real quick to refresh your memory. I’ll wait……Good? ok. At the end

1 + 1 Reload Drill

I enjoy finding new ways to train, and reading about drills in magazines and blogs are fun. Sometimes, you can combine 2 drills into one. Let me show you what I have in mind 😉 Follow me down this deep dark path that is the madness of my mind. I

Tap, Rack, Reassess

Besides being about one of my favorite hobbies, Firearms, I have wanted this blog to provide some really good information for people. One of the things I love about the shooting sports is teaching people. I get a strong satisfaction in helping and coaching someone new to the sport and