WOS – Shooting Drill: The Time Machine

No, this drill does not go back to 1955, it doesn’t need a Delorean, and you certainly can’t move at 88 miles per hour! However, movement and speed is required in this drill. Frank Proctor from the Way of the Gun shows us a modified version of his drill he

WOS – Shooting Drill: The Dot Torture

Taking some time to step back and work on the basics, no matter what your experience level, is never a bad thing. Going back to our roots of marksmanship helps to remind us of where we started as shooters and helps to hone the fundamentals that our advanced high speed skills

WOS – Shooting Drill: 20 Alpha

With this drill, shooting speed and recoil management are the name of the game. The goal of 20-Alpha is very simple. Place 20 shots into the A-zone or zero down zone of an IPSC/IDPA target at a max distance of 25 yards. That’s it. No time constraints, no need to