Shooting Drill: The Humbler

Designed by instructor Kyle Defoor, it is a 70-shot, 700-point monster of a drill. Rumor has it that no one has ever shot this with a perfect score. That’s an impressive record if that is the case and I can see why this one is almost impossible to do. At 25 yards, an

WOS – Shooting Drill: The Wizard Drill

Ken Hackathorn developed the Wizard Drill as a way to gauge whether or not the student is prepared to use their pistol defensively. Requiring a minimum amount of ammunition, a shot timer and a target, this drill is a great benchmark for whether you are ready to defend yourself. via Shooting

WOS – Shooting Drill: The Cloverleaf

When working on trigger control, we want to work on shooting the smallest groups possible. Slow fire is the best way to do this. We need to take our time and feel for the break in that trigger as the shot goes off. Holding our sights just on that hole,