IDPA May 17, 2015 – Oxford, IWLA

Well it was finally time to shoot at Oxford this year. Unfortunately, because of holidays and rain and stuff, this was the first match of the year there. It was a great time. There were not a lot of people there this time, which was not a bad thing. That

WOS – Pro-Tip: Tips to Engage Moving Targets

In IDPA and USPSA there are many types of moving targets. Swingers, poppers, Turners… It can be tough to know how to shoot them especially if you have never seen them before. In this video article we take a look at the different types of moving targets and strategies to shoot

WOS – Tips and Tricks for the IDPA Classifier

Each year, IDPA shooters need to reclassify as part of the requirements from IDPA to shoot in high level sanctioned matches. And each year most shooters dread the classifier. In this article, we look as some tips and tricks picked up from fellow shooters and things I have learned shooting

IDPA Classifier March 10, 2015

 It is that time of year again for me! Time to shoot the IDPA Classifier. I went on Tuesday and shot the classifier at Ready Line this time instead of down in Lexington, KY. It was fun but stressful. They limited the list to 20 people, but because of IDPA