Friday Night Steel May 30, 2014

Match Date: May 30, 2014 Match Summary: Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right? Well that was sort of how the match went for me. But that’s ok. We all have those days where we can’t do good at every match. We got there

Steel Shooting Part I: How does it work?

I’ve had come conversations over the last few months with people and have realized that I made a huge assumption. One of the leagues I shoot in is Friday Night Steel. I forgot that unless you are a steel shooter yourself, you may not understand how shooting steel works! I

Friday Night Steel May 16, 2014

Steel Match #2 in the books for the season. This week I met my goal of trying to stay in the top 10-15 shooters by repeating my placement from the last match. Yup. Placed 10th in my division. LOL. Talk about consistent. My time was 48.75, .77 seconds slower then

Friday Night Steel May 9, 2014

Sadly Friday Night Steel has been canceled for tonight May 9 due to rain. I know, that makes you sad too and I understand that. It means no video, no colorful commentary, and just has to make me post something silly on my blog right? Hopefully next week will be

Friday Night Steel May 2, 2014

Friday night was awesome. It was finally the first steel match of the year! The competition season has now had a great start for me! My loving wife and I got there a little early (around 5:00) and I went ahead and got geared up and ready to go. While I was