Be aware of your surroundings

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We went to Aldi’s today (Sunday, July 23) to do some grocery shopping. As we were walking around I did a scan of the area like I always do and low and behold what do I see? Some young kid openly carrying a gun. That doesn’t bother me at all. I’m used to Guns and if you want to carry openly, that’s your choice. Not my cup of tea but whatever. At least he was taking steps to protect himself. But of course I watched him more closely knowing there was a gun in play.

No what bothered me about it is the fact the dude had NO situational awareness. None. He was chatting on his phone, pushing his cart and not bothering to even look around at all. I could have disarmed him a half a dozen times and he would have never known.

Like I said. If you are going to carry a gun openly, that’s fine. Do as you will. But be more alert of what is going on around you. You’re responsible for maintaining awareness and retaining you gun. Like I said I could have disarmed him 6 times and he never would have known. It’s sad really. He really could do more harm than good.

So yeah that was a little gripe, but it needed to be said. You can tell when someone has had training and someone has not and this dude clearly did not. Get Training. Its your responsibility as a gun owner.

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