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For those of you following the blog for a while, you know that I wrote articles for Wide Open Spaces for about 9 months before the baby was born. I had to step away from that, but it was so much fun and I honestly do miss that. At one point I had written an article about Gun District, a pro-2A social media site (you can find that article here).

YUDO Outdoors LogoMeet YUDO Outdoors (, another new pro-2A social media site that just launched. YUDO Outdoors mission is to connect shooters, hunters, anglers and any other outdoors people in one place for social media.

Get great pictures of that buck on your last hunt? What about pictures of you burning down that one stage at a local USPSA Match? How about the picture of that giant Catfish you caught? YUDO has you covered. Share it all here.

After you first come to the site, obviously you will need to sign up for access. Once in, set up your profile and start making friends. You can create pages and/or groups, just like on Facebook and share them with everyone. As a test, I created a page for the blog ( and it was so easy. I can share blog posts there and other things related to the site. Feel free to like the page there if you do sign up for the site.

Navigation around the site is easy, but at first can seem a little confusing but after navigating around, you will find it is actually quite easy.

They have apps for android and iOS, both in their respective app stores, so you can keep in touch with your outdoors friends on the go in the great outdoors! Post that awesome campfire pic, or talk about that day at the range.

Check out the new social media site for all outdoorsy people!

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