Your Home Defense is in Your Hands

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Home defense. Simple concept right? Go over and check out the following article by Greg Ellifritz and then come back….I will wait….

Lock Your Damn Doors- 2017 Edition | Active Response Training

Are you back? Ok good.

I find it amazing that even in today’s age, people don’t lock their damn doors. Greg works in a major metropolitan area in Ohio and yet this still happens. Now I can understand that you’re in a hurry and may forget, or you have tons of things on your mind and just miss this simple thing. But then people are dumb founded by the fact that someone came into the house and stole all their stuff.

With the threat of home invasions all the time and criminals getting more and more bold coming into your house, just this simple task of locking the door can help to deter someone from violating your personal sacred space. Is it the end all? No. But anything that can slow the criminal element down is a plus towards home security.

It just blows my mind. Now I know, there are people that live out in the middle of no where and “nothing every happens out here and no one would come into my house”. But you are still playing roulette with your security. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Home Defense Made Simple

There are many things that you can do to harden your home against crime and invasion. If you are into podcasts, check out the following podcast from Mike Seeklander at the American Warrior Society.

Defend your Home: 10 Simple Steps to Make You Safer – American Warrior Society – Mike Seeklander

With the plethora of advice, steps and training classes out there, like the podcast above, there really is no reason anyone should be leaving their car, house, apartment, dorm room and even tent unsecure. Just go out and do some Google searches and you will find many other ideas to secure your home.

Remember: Your safety and security is your responsibility. Take the time and do it right.

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