Housekeeping: New Season, New Look!

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It’s been a while and there are many things in the works for this year. So it’s time for another housekeeping post.


For many of my friends, the shooting season has already started. IDPA and USPSA here in my local area started shooting matches in March and April. After talking to my loving bride, we decided that due to finances and so many other things going on this year, shooting USPSA just would not be feasible.

So I am taking a year off from the USPSA game and taking it back up next year.

However, instead we decided that shooting steel is still on. Since it is easier to find 20 bucks for a whole month versus like 50 or more, we talked and, depending on how things are going at home, I will be shooting steel every week this year, obviously minus any vacations and other activities that need to be done. Look for a ton of Rimfire fun this year.

Blog Design

Being that it’s a new shooting season and a new year, it was time for a face lift on the site. I wasn’t really happy with the old theme, but it gave me the functionality I was looking for. At least for the most part. I like this new theme much better and it gives me what I want for functionality and a few extras. So updated it was.

I have also re-added the competition calendar to the site. If you are in the Cincinnati, OH Area, you can always come to Steel and shoot a match with me. I would love to meet you and shoot with you. For that reason, I put the calendar back up and will of course keep it up to date so you know when I will be at Steel.


I am currently sitting on a few reviews that I need to do. Between the weather and recovering from an accident in December and school, I have not been able to do any shooting or practice. So I have not really been able to do much in the way of reviews. I am happy to say that the weather is getting nicer and I am recovered from the accident, so I will be getting to the range soon to take care of these.

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