Implementing Your Emergency Plan

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Panic and Run! Panic and Run!

Anyone who has little kids and watches The Lion Guard on Disney Jr. knows where that comes from. Whenever there is a threat or an emergency, the zebras always holler this and run away. Kion and the Lion Guard then swoop in and save the day. In our case, last night it was the Colerain Fire Department that answered that call.

As you know from previous articles, I talk about having an emergency plan, reviewing it and practicing it. Last night we actually had to implement one of these plans. Let me set the scene for you.

We were sitting there minding our own business, my bride out on the couch playing on her phone and squirt and I in the master bedroom of our condo watching toons and playing, when all of a sudden, this ungodly noise starts coming from the condo intercom in the living room. Not knowing what was going on, I started for the living room at the same time she got up and headed for the front door. Realizing I needed to put actual pants on (I was wearing kick around the house comfy pants), I turned around and started grabbing for real pants, when all of a sudden I hear my bride scream “It’s the Fire Alarm! We need to go!” after opening the door and hearing the alarm bell in the hallway.

It’s at this moment that time just stops. Thankfully I had run these kinds of scenarios through my head and my training kicked in. I yanked pants on, scooped the baby up off the bed around his waist with one arm while grabbing my EDC backpack, my keys, phone and wallet with the other and high tailing it out the door. Mind you I have no idea how I got my backpack on with with a toddler in my arms but hey, I guess I am that good.

We get outside and I take squirt to the car and strap him in and move the car away from the building but position it so I can pull away quickly if need be. We sit in the car while Nikki is with the rest of the building residents. The Fire Department shows up, checks it out and determines it’s a false alarm. Everything is fine and everyone is ok.

So yeah, it was a heart racing few minutes. The good news is because we took the time to setup a plan, practice it and visualize it, we were able to grab and go and everyone was fine. Sadly, this was also a great test during a real world incident where we were able to find the holes in our plans, but in the long run that is a good thing.

After we got squirt down for bed for the night, we started talking about it and realized that the biggest hole was our hard drives. We both have these external hard drives we use for backup and storage and these drives have everything on them. They have data going back years that would suck to lose. As I was grabbing the baby and my EDC go-bag, the drives were the last thing on my mind. Granted it’s just data, but there are pictures that would be hard to lose and important scanned documents that might be needed if the originals were destroyed. So we decided to look at off site storage for data, but that part is for another blog.

Having a plan in place and knowing the plan potentially saved our lives. Being able to review what happened also helped us to realize we needed to change some things.

The point I am trying to make is, this is a prime example of having a plan in place before an emergency happens and not while it is happening makes things faster, smoother and safer. This right here is why having a plan is so important. Knowing where things were and grabbing them quickly made moving out the door smooth and quick.

So….. do you have your plans made and ready? Ours saved us.

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