New Hudson H9: First Impressions

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Just in time for yet another SHOT SHOW, a newly designed pistol will be available for the show. Hudson MFG has announced the new H9 Pistol. This pistol has caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

Let me start with saying, I have not put hands on this pistol yet, these are just my impressions from seeing the promo videos and pictures online and reading about it from the manufacturers website. This is just gut feels at this point as this pistol is not in the wild right now. Which is a bummer.

The H9 is very interesting and caught my eye in that it looks very much like a redesigned 1911 in 9mm. It has a 1911 style grip and trigger, but they removed the hammer and replaced it with a striker firing mechanism. The other thing that has me intrigued is the lowered recoil spring. They lowered the spring on the frame and that makes me wonder how that makes the recoil feel. Does it help with recoil management? What does higher power 9mm and heavy rounds feel through it?

I am actually a little excited about this pistol. This could be a really well done redesign of the 1911. It could also be a flop, but either way, it has my curiosity piqued. I love my 1911’s and it seems like this could really be a fun pistol to shoot. I would love to get my hands on one and put it through it’s paces! Man this would be cool.

Below is the promo video from You Tube they released. Very well done and cool video. It’s definitely a well put together video. Enjoy the video and check out Hudson on the web, on instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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