End of Season Wrapup 2016

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Well the end of the shooting season is upon us. Time to clean the guns and put them away till next year. However, before all that can be accomplished, a look back at how this season went is in order. Taking a moment to take stock of how you did is important.┬áSo let’s take a look at this year’s End of Season Wrapup!

Due to time and finances (still looking for that Ammo Sponsor! Anyone? Anyone?) and the weather, I was not able to shoot as much USPSA this year. I just didn’t have the funds to buy the needed components for reloading and with my diabetes, if I get too overly hot, my blood sugar gets so out of whack, I can’t see straight. So I cut back on the number of matches this year because of that. I am hoping that next year the weather will be a little cooler and I will be able to attend a few more matches.

Even still, I think this was a great season for me. This was a learning year. Learning what worked and what didn’t. Figuring out how to plan stages, count rounds, count shots things like that. I had a blast the whole time, but that was the point.

I didn’t win any matches, and I really didn’t place well, but at least I was out there and trying to learn something new. It was frustrating at times, but it was interesting. Ultimately I was just happy to be out here shooting and having fun with my friends.

Overall, I accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish for the season and that is the main point. I had a great time. Next year, I will set new goals and try to achieve those.

Friday Night Steel

Steel was awesome this year. I shot in the Rimfire division this year and I had a blast. Back at Christmas last year, I built myself an open gun out of a .22 I had and decided that I wanted to shoot that this year at steel. It was the best decision I made. I set some new record times for myself, got to shoot some .22 and just had a blast all around.

This year I decided to just have some fun with the .22 and surprised myself. With the new dot on the pistol I was faster and more accurate then in years past. I could really rip through the stages with it. Other then a few jams occasionally, I posted some killer times. I think next year I am going to stick with rimfire and do it all again.

I had a better time with steel this year then with USPSA. Since there is not a lot of movement with Steel I didn’t have to worry about the heat as much. It was still hot at times, but over all, being in the evening, it wasn’t too too bad.

I didn’t do near as well as I had hoped in the 777 Match this year. I still had a good match time, but I got into my own head and was just trying too hard. I messed up a lot and took a few misses. That extra shot threw me off at times. But I still had a great time.

So that is it for this year and shooting matches. I had a great time and learned alot. Time to practice and get ready for next year!

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