Friday Night Steel October 21, 2016

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Match Date: October 21, 2016

Match Summary:

What a great end to a fun season. This was the last match of the regular season this year and it was a great match for me this time as well. I got lucky actually. I can actually shoot this match and get to shoot the Annual 777 Fun match as well this coming Friday (October 28).

fns10212016This can be chalked up to another good match. No jams, 1 miss and a slight error, but I still shot one of my fastest times. This match score is my second fastest time ever. That really made me happy. I was doing so well untill I took a miss on one of the strings on stage 1. With out the miss I would have had a new record time for me. Oh well. Live and learn.

The weather was perfect for shooting. It was a bit chilly and over cast, but that made for some great shooting weather. There weren’t as many people there this time and I think it was due to the weather holding people away. This week’d match is looking just as good. Mid 70’s for a late October match, but that will just make it more fun. Something to be said about shooting under the lights.

All in all, this was yet another great at match for me. I think I fixed the camera for this time so it won’t be all wonky. Hope you enjoy!

That’s it for this match. Last match of the year coming up Friday!

Enjoy the video!

Match Video:

For stage information and layout please see the Friday Night Steel Website.

For updated scores, see the 2016 Friday Night Steel Scores page on the blog.

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