USPSA September 25, 2016 – Miami Rifle and Pistol Club

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uspsa_logoUnfortunately for me, this is the last USPSA Match of the year. But this was still a great match for me. I had a blast. It got a little warmer then most expected, but that still didn’t make for a bad day for late September.

As usual, John Smith, the match director at MRPC pulled together some very fun and challenging stages for the day. Some left you guessing and others made you have to slow down to not break the 180. But they were all a blast.

Even though I didn’t place all that well, I think I had a really good match. I am still in the learning process and still trying to figure it all out. It took me almost two years to figure out IDPA, so I am not going to get USPSA over night. Still I need to learn more.

This was a really fun match to get out and shoot this month. I am really enjoying USPSA and difference between that and IDPA. I really have a challenge to try to push myself up the ranks and do better. I am shooting against a lot of really good and faster shooters, so this will help to force me to get better.

What I did good this time: I had fun.

What I did bad this time: I rushed. But I did it on purpose. I wanted to see what my limits were and push past them and shoot as fast as I could. Found out that I need to work on those speeds and balancing accuracy, but it was a good chance to test myself and see what would happen. I made some really bad shots doing it and didn’t call my shots like I should have.

Scores for this match have been posted on the USPSA Results page of the blog.

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Match Video:

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