Housesitting and Security

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Over the last weekend, My loving bride, Squirt and myself stayed at my brother and sister in laws to house sit and watch their pets while they were out of town. They live on the bottom floor of an apartment building.

I got to thinking about security. When you are at home, it’s easy to protect the house and family. You know what steps you have taken to fortify the parts of the house. You know where all of your defensive firearms are hidden or locked up. You’ve taken the time to figure out all safe firing lanes and how to move through your house in the dark.

But what about when you are at a home, that is not your home.

It’s not like you can go around rehanging doors or fortifying windows. But there are some steps that you can take to make it a little safer for your family.

Obviously, make sure that all the locks are thrown on the doors and windows. That is the biggest thing. Next, you can stick a broom handle or wood dowel into the track of a sliding door. This will help to lock the door and prevent someone from yanking it open with a good yank. You can also put a brace like a wooden dowel or broom handle under the door knob of a door. While this won’t stop the door completely, it will buy you some time. You can also use wooden or rubber door wedge door stops. Again, this is not a permanent solution, but something to slow the bad guys down till you can get yourself to a defensible position and some sort of weapon.

Windows are a little tougher, but the same ideas can be used. Find some way of blocking the window from opening if you can.

And as always, make sure you have your firearm with you. Depending on the state, Castle Doctrine would apply even if this is not your residence. You have permission to be there, and while you are staying there, it is your home, no matter how temporary.

Just remember that keeping the family safe is the most important.

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