USPSA August 07, 2016 – Oxford IWLA

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uspsa_logoSecond Match of the year and I shot it at the Oxford OH, IWLA match. I know I am behind a little on shooting matches this year, but it has been so hot and humid this summer it has been tough for me to get to a match. I have found that when I get too hot and over heated, my blood sugars get out of wack so trying to shoot a match in the heat and humidity just sucks. So instead of hurting myself, I just decide whether or not to go to that particular match based on the weather.

Sunday was not a bad day for shooting. It was one of the few days this summer that started out cool and low humidity. By the time we were finished with the match, the heat and humidity had risen and I was feeling it.

The crew up there setup 5 really fun and challenging stages to shoot through, 4 challenging stages and one classifier. I completely blew the classifier because I was not thinking. My mind got into that automatic mode and I took 3 procedural’s on that stage. I should have just stopped shooting that string and taken one procedural and misses. It would have been less of a hit on my time and hit factor.

My loving bride came along with me to this match to watch. My Brother and sister in law had been asking to take squirt over night for a while, so I asked if they would take him for this weekend so we could both go to the match. In addition, my good friends Brad and Justin were there and we made sure to all squad together to shoot together. It was nice having everyone there.

This is only my third ever match shooting USPSA and I have a lot to learn. I need to start walking stages more and relying less on the thoughts of others to plan out my stage. I need to take the initiative and form my own plan and then maybe run it past one of my buddies to see if I am thinking along the right track. This match I placed about the same as my last match, so I am maintaining my consistency at least. I am not all over the board, so that is a good thing. It means my strengths and weaknesses are balancing out. I need to get a number so I can get classified next year. I need to see where I stack up over all.

While this sport is hard, IDPA was hard at first and I was getting very good when I decided to move over to USPSA. It will take time, but I will improve.

What I did good this time: I had fun.

What I did bad this time: I rushed. I made some really bad shots doing it and didn’t call my shots like I should have. I need to work on stage plans more and making sure I shoot my plan. I also need to dry fire and practice more when I am not shooting. Alot of my problems could be solved from dry fire.

Scores for this match have been posted on the USPSA Results page of the blog.

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Match Video:

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