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goprohero4I use a GoPro Hero 4 to film all my shooting. I use it at the range, at competitions, even on my reloading bench and when I am working on guns. I find it to be one of the most invaluable and essential tools in my range bag. Part of this system is the GoPro App for the phone. This app, at least on Android, allows me to live preview the camera feed to see what the camera is seeing using my phone. This is essential since I mount the camera on my ear pro and I can’t see the camera screen to aim the camera. I then switch it over to the GoPro Remote and put the phone in my range bag.

With the not so recent update to Marshmallow for Android, the app stopped connecting to the camera. I found this out the hard way in April when I shot my first USPSA match this year. I had some friends of mine aim the camera for me, but I cannot rely on that all the time. I have been searching and trying, beating my head on a wall for that long. I had about given up on it ever working again and thought about finding an alternative. But I finally found an answer last night that I feel needs to be shared, since this fix is NO WHERE on the net that I can find. At least part of it.

To fix this issue, first try activating your location services. The phone needs to be able to scan for Wifi networks properly and if you have that turned off, it may not find the camera. In my research I have found that this issue corrected the problem for various phone models (Nexus, Motorola, some Samsungs). While this is the official workaround and fix till “Google releases a fix for the bug” and GoPro can release a fix, this did not fix the issue for me on my Note 5.

goproThe next step is so simple, I started cussing after doing it. I wish GoPro would just post this as an answer that is easily found, not have it buried on one of their Forums. If the above does not fix the issue for you, delete the app from your phone and reinstall the app from the Google Play Store. This will remove the previous camera connection it has stored. Once you have reinstalled the app, open it and walk through reconnecting the camera. Once you have done that, BAM! You have the app reconnected and everything works like it should.

And there you have it. I wanted to share this with everyone in case you use a Hero 4 and have been having problems. Again, I really wish GoPro would suggest that in their troubleshooting steps for this known issue. It would have saved me tons of time and heartache.

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