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As a shooter and Instructor, one thing still amazes me. Why don’t people get more training? Or at the very least seek out more information? I mean I can understand not having a lot of disposable income, so dropping a couple of hundred dollars hurts, but there is so much information available on the web, for free, from REPUTABLE instructors that you could at least try to seek out more information and at least try some of the things that they talk about. Videos, blogs, even books are available that can help you become a better shooter, all for free or a minimal cost.

I think Greg Ellifritz really hits it on the head in a recent article he posted about training and learning more. In order to get better, we need to find our weaknesses and fix them. In this article from Greg, he also talks about the 5X5 Shooting Drill that is a great and easy way to benchmark your progress and where you are at. he really makes some key points in this article.

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As a firearms instructor, I am constantly trying to figure out how to convince the 95% of shooters who have never taken a firearms training class beyond their CCW certification that they need to perform at a higher skill level than they currently possess.  I want the people who have never really trained to have the same “aha moment” that my students had last weekend.

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