Blog Blast Friday 06/03/2016

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Blog_1Welcome to another edition of Blog Blast Friday!

This weeks is slightly different. This week I am going to include a Youtube Channel in the Blog Blast. I know shocking right. But since this is my blog, I can do what I want.

So this week we are going to feature some good friends of ours over at Fire Mountain Outdoors. They are doing some really great stuff over there between reviews on their own blog to builds and videos on their YouTube Channel. I love seeing what they come up with next and Mark and Bob are great people! I keep wanting to start doing more videos like they do, but I have to find the time first LOL! Either way, these guys have it going well over there. You need to go check them out if you already haven’t and subscribe to the channel!

Blog: Fire Mountain Outdoors


YouTube Channel: Fire Mountain Outdoors

Head on over and tell them I sent ya!

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