I’m Battleworn With FMO! [VIDEO]

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You know you have thought it. You’ve been watching that modern war movie and seen the beat up, scuffed up, repainted battle rifle that our hero commander is carrying and you think “Dude! I want my rifle to look like that!”

So you start looking online and check out cerakote that gives your rifle a battleworn appearance and realize….holy [insert appropriate expletive here] this is a little more expensive then I wanted to do.

Fear not. The guys over at Fire Mountain Outdoors have done it again. In this video, Mark shows us how to give our rifles that battleworn look for a minimal cost. Added bonus is we get to see the Steampunk AR-15 too (Love that rifle! I may have to build one of my own here soon!)

So let’s sit down with Mark in the Fire Mountain Studios and see what he has for us!

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