Book Report: Long Range Shooting Handbook

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20160522_220340Back when I was still writing for Wide Open Spaces, I featured a video by a gentlemen named Ryan Cleckner talking about MOA and how to understand it. A number of months later, I got an email from Ryan letting me know he had written a book about Long Range Rifle Shooting. He offered me a copy to read and I took him up on it and wanted to review it here.

As a pistol shooter, I don’t shoot rifles much, but I have thought about precision or long range rifle shooting. I had no idea where to start to get information, since we all know that there is an information fire hose on the internet. Getting this book was a God send. Not only did I have a great time reading the book, but I learned SO much about long range rifle that I had no idea about.

This is a great book for a beginner like me. Ryan takes the reader step by step through understanding all the points needed about sending a bullet down range long and fast. The book’s chapters each tackle an aspect from choosing a rifle, to getting the right optics, to finding the right accessories for your rifle system and finally how to read the reticle in the scope and making all the necessary calculations for proper holding. He even breaks down how to choose powder, primers and bullets for reloading your own ammunition. Each chapter is even broken down into smaller sub sections that all tie back together at the end.

What I was really happy about is, as the reader moves through the book, the concepts that Ryan presents build upon each other. I had heard of MOA and Mils, but I never understood the difference and how to read them in my scope. Now I understand, thanks to this book.

Check this out. So I admit I am horrible at math. I hate it actually. So I was really worried about learning measurements and equations that I had to memorize. Chapter 9 is all about measurements. It was almost like he knows I have a hard time with Math, Ryan breaks up the sections in the chapter with section quizzes to reinforce the concepts. At the end of the chapter was a chapter quiz even. That was such a cool idea to add to the book to help people like me work through that chapter.

Like I said, this book is certainly great for a beginner, as well as experts. For those who are experts in long range lead delivery, this book would be a good review and maybe even a great new point of view. One thing Ryan points out is this is his interpretation and techniques that he has developed over time. So keep in mind that these are his opinions and he is just taking some time to share them with us.

I certainly recommend adding this book to your library soon. I loved it!

Book Link: Long Range Shooting Handbook

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