New M&P45 Shield: First Impressions

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20160521_091542Smith and Wesson had a huge announcement this year at the NRA Annual Meetings. With the popularity of the M&P9 and M&P40 Shield, they have decided to now offer the new M&P45 Shield. They had the new Shield on display at the Show and I was able to put hands on it for a few minutes.

Keep in mind, this is just my first impressions from just holding the gun and dry firing it. I have not been able to live fire it yet, but maybe I will get lucky to at some point.

Overall, I am very impressed with the gun. I am not someone who is big on compacts or sub compacts, because I have large hands (which is funny since I carry an LC9s as my primary gun in the summer), but once I got to hold the gun I was super impressed on how good it felt in my hands. It actually fit well and didn’t feel like it was too small. Even with the shorty mag with the flat base plate, it didn’t feel funny in my hand. It actually felt like it would be controllable shooting, even in .45. I preferred the extended mag in it, because it did fit my hands better, but I would still shoot it with the shorty mag.

Dry-firing the gun, I was surprised on how smooth the trigger is. There is a little take up, but the trigger is not near as gritty as earlier models of the M&P line have been. It felt like they have definitely done some trigger work on it, but it could be that a lot of the grit may have been worked out by everyone pulling it. It had a nice crisp break however that I like.

The grip was very nice. It has a stippling pattern that, while I would call it aggressive, causes a very sticky feeling in your palm. The gun really doesn’t feel like it will slip out of your hand. It’s a different stippling pattern then they have used in the past on other M&P’s.

The controls where easy to work and everything was easy to reach with one hand so that was great to see.

Smith said that this pistol should be shipping by June, so they are ready to go. I can see this being another very popular pistol like it’s smaller caliber brothers. I am hoping to get to borrow one at some point to put one through it’s paces and see how it performs.


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