Blog Blast Friday 05/06/2016

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Blog_1Welcome to another edition of Blog Blast Friday!

Sorry for how late it took me to get this edition of Blog Blast out today. I forgot to preschedule a post for today.

Since I became a daddy, I have had to rethink my home defense plan. At one point, since it was just me and my loving bride, we had it worked out on how and who would do what. We had figured out places to prestage firearms through out the house. Now that we have squirt, I had to rethink what was going on and secure the family even more. We couldn’t prestage firearms anymore without being able to secure them for example. Since there is the chance that someone could be watching squirt, they would also need to be open to our home defense plan. Growing Up Guns is a great blog that talks about all these things that as a daddy I need to think about. Go check him out.

Blog: Growing Up Guns


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