Gear Talk: Wiley-X Saber Shooting Glasses

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wileyxI needed some new shooting glasses for this season. I had a couple of old pairs of glasses, but they all finally gave up the ghost about the same time. The last pair to go were the oldest pair of glasses I ever bought. They were these el cheapo 13 dollar yellow lens Remingtons I found at Bass Pro shops like 15 years ago. The lens finally just fell out of the frames.

I was lucky enough to get a gift card to Cabela’s given to me and a new Cabela’s had opened up near me so guess where I went 🙂 I did some research and found that I liked what I was seeing with the Wiley X Saber Advanced Glasses. Put two and two together and we took a trip to the Cabela’s to check them out.

I liked the glasses, so I took them to their forever home and I must say I am so glad that I did. The set I bought has a smoke (sunglasses), amber and vermilion lens that are interchangeable. You are also able to change the length of the arms to make them fit your head a little better. They are built very sturdy and very easy to switch out the lens.

I was able to use them in the real world at the USPSA Match at Miami Rifle and Pistol Club this April (Match summary coming soon). I was very, very happy with the glasses. They were very comfortable and I finally found a pair of glasses that are able to handle one of the biggest problems I have. THEY DIDN’T FOG! That is my biggest complaint about using glasses for safety. I have tried a number of different glasses and they always fogged over, even if they said anti fog. Wiley X really mean it. They didn’t fog. I didn’t have to add any anti fog spray to the lens’.

Like I said they are comfortable, didn’t fog and blocked the sun well. They come in a big protective case that keeps everything together and protected from getting broken.

They are Mil-Spec, and ANSI rated for ballistics. So they are not only designed to be everyday sunglasses, but will stand up to use on the range. No I am not going to shoot my new glasses to see what they do.

I really love these glasses and am so glad I bought them.


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