Gear Talk: Hornady Automatic Primer Feeder

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pressSince this seems to be reloading week here on the blog, I decided that now would be a perfect time to do my Gear Talk write up about the Hornady Automatic Primer Feeder (APF) that I got for Christmas.

I reload on a single stage press. I want to in the future to upgrade to a progressive press, but I will have to do that when I have more room to set one up. For now, I struggle through with a single stage. I don’t mind it, it really is a nice relaxing time to sit and work through loads. But since I work on a single stage, I have a lot of steps that I have to do. Anything that I can do to help both speed up the process and automate the process I look for. For example, I received the Hornady Auto Charge Powder Dispenser¬†for my birthday a while ago (See my review of it here) and that helped to speed up the charging and seating phase of the process.

While I was looking for the Dispenser, I came across the Automatic Primer Feeder system for the Hornady Lock N Load Classic Presses (which is what I have). I saved it and came back to it later. After reading about it and researching it. I decided that this is one component I needed for the press.

Whether you run bunches of pistol caliber rounds or rifle rounds, this upgrade is a godsend. Up till now I had to decap then flair then hand prime all the rounds I wanted to. This took me a number of hours, and I tried to do it before I wanted to sit and make rounds.

Not anymore. I can decap and prime at the same time now. In one step I can now resize, decap and prime all in one step.

The first thing you need to do it install the APF arm on the press. There is a step by step instruction sheet included in the packaging. Once that is installed, properly I might add, you then choose the correct size primer tube (in my case, the small primer tube) and fill it with primers. You just push the tube over the top of the primer and it picks it up.

Now the fun starts. Insert the tube into the APF arm and pull the pin to release the primers. Make sure you install the decapping/resizing die into the press and slide a case into the shell holder. On the upstroke of the ram, the die will resize and decap the brass and the primer cup will pickup a primer from the tube. Then on the downstroke (bring the ram all the way down) it will seat the primer in the brass. BOOM you are done. I was able to prep 400 pieces of brass for the next step in about 2 and a half hours. It’s quick and easy.

The hardest struggle I had during the install was getting the APF arm aligned over the primer cup the correct way. The first time I installed it, it would release an additional primer when I would lower the ram. I took everything off and tried again and was finally able to get the arm aligned correctly the second time. It just all of a sudden literally fell into place and aligned itself. After that I had no issue with it feeding properly.

If you have a Hornady LnL Classic press, whether single stage or turret, you need this component. I am so glad I got it. It has helped to make the process just a little bit faster for me and easier. Plus my hands down hurt after trying to hand prime all that brass. Even if you are a precision rifle loader, this piece will help. You can prep your rifle brass a little quicker using this.

So if you are looking for an upgrade for your press, the Automatic Primer Feeder is for you.

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