Your Hotel is Your Castle Too

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hotelnightstandIt was family vacation time again, so the three of us packed into the car and drove to Florida to pick up the missing member of our family. Of course along the way Squirt, Mommy and I stayed in hotels. And of course I carried a gun the whole time we were traveling. I locked it up because I couldn’t take it to Universal once we were there (and there was no half assed security there either. You go through Metal Detectors plus a wanding, so don’t try to just fake it through) , but on the road both there and back, I had my gun with me.

Know Your Laws

It was very nice because with some changes in the law, I was able to carry my gun all the way from Ohio to Florida. If you remember the last time I made that trek (The Traveling Gun) I was not able to carry in Georgia which made it interesting. This time I did not have that worry because Ohio signed an agreement with Georgia.

Remember that it is up to you to make sure you know the laws of the states that you will be in with your gun. Makes sure that you check everything you can to make sure you know the current laws. is the best resource for that.

Your Hotel is Your Home

In many states, castle doctrine protects a gun owner in their home in case they need to use their firearms in self defense. In these same states, castle doctrine also applies to your hotel room. Since a hotel room is considered to be your residence and “home”, no matter how temporary, you are covered to use your firearm if an intruder invades your hotel room for self protection.

Remember though that a hotel is a private business and as such you need to check the firearms policies of the hotel. They may not allow guns in the hotel. So in addition to state laws, make sure that you know the policies of the hotels you will be staying in.

So the next time you turn in at a hotel, make sure that your pistol is in easy reach and snuggle up for a good night sleep.

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