IDPA = I Don’t Play Anymore

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idpalogoWell that is not entirely true. For this year at least it’s true. Next year who knows.

After thinking about it over the winter months, I decided to take a hiatus from IDPA and focus on USPSA. This was not an over night decision, this is one I thought long and hard about. There are plenty of reasons why I decided this.

First and foremost is time. I started back to college in January and I want to do well and just won’t have the time to devote to shooting that I have the last few years. Doesn’t mean I am not going to do it, but I decided that I just don’t have the time for more then one Practical Pistol Discipline this year and had a ton of fun shooting USPSA last year, so I want to focus more on it this year. Regardless, with school consuming a lot of my time now, I felt that  and family was more important.

Next, after shooting USPSA last year, I realized how restrictive IDPA really is. There are just way too many rules that make no sense. Granted that is part of playing a different game, but the usual response of “well this was the founders intent”, was getting really old.

Probably my biggest rant and one of the things that really started to turn me off: This is a game not commando training. Some people can’t get that through their heads. I am so sick of the Tactical Timmys. If you do anything that puts you ahead of some of them or gives you a slight advantage in time, you are a gamer and not holding true to the meaning of IDPA. It’s a game. You’re supposed to try to win. DUH! Now don’t get me wrong. The group of guys I shoot with are great. But there are some I have seen at matches that act like they are the next Urban Operator. I’ve heard too many complaints about how gaming it will get you killed…uh huh…

Now don’t get me wrong. The guys I shoot with are great! Love hanging and shooting with them. It’s just really time for me to move on to other things right now. I will still be shooting with most of them and we will be having a blast.

So it’s time to say good bye to IDPA for the time being and maybe pick it up down the road.

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