Range Report 03/01/2016

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Emergency Office Closure + My loving bride out to lunch with family = Rare midday opportunity for trigger time.

Our office had no water today, so they let us go home because it was a safety issue. Nothing wring with that in my book. I texted my loving bride and decided since she was out with some family for a lunch date, I packed up my gear and headed over to Point Blank West for some much wanted trigger time.

So let’s get rolling right into this Range Report, because I was able to do a bunch of things while there this time.

M&P 22 Red Dot Build

If you remember correctly, back around Christmas I was able to get some parts to mount a red dot to my M&P22. Well I finally took this chance to take it to the range and test it out. It works perfectly. The gun runs great, ejects fine. At 6 yards I have nice tight groups and at 10 yards, the groups open up a little, but I am still ok with it. I will be mainly using this gun for Rimfire steel this season, and I am still putting all the rounds into an 8 in target and steel isn’t much smaller or farther away then that so I am good with it.

One thing I noticed is the gun occasionally liked to throw a case literally right into my face. I think it has something to do with the way it ejects into the mount, but we will see. This should be fun to take the mount and everything off to break it down for cleaning.

Here is some video I did of me testing the gun at various distances. Plus a little gratuitous slow motion for you.

Ruger 10/22 Auto Bolt Test

At the same time I got the parts for the M&P build, I also bought the KIDD Auto bolt for the Ruger 10/22. I took this with me today and was able to give it a field test. Ran like a dream. I was afraid that it might lock up at the wrong time when shooting it, but it didn’t give me any problems and it was so easy to get a round into battery now. I wasn’t really able to get video of that or I would share it.

One thing I was going to try to do is zero the scope I have for the 10/22 with a Bushnell Laser Boresighter ¬†I got for¬†Christmas as well. I learned two very important lessons here. One: The scope I have is crap. Two: know how to use your equipment BEFORE you get to the range that day. I spent 20 minutes of the hour I paid for putzing around with that boresighter. Needless to say I really wasn’t able to send many rounds down range from the rifle because of it, but I was able to determine that the scope I have is not a good one. I think I am going to replace the scope with a red dot like the one I have for the M&P22. That would be fun! And before you say “well how can you say that if you really didn’t get to give it a chance with the boresighter”? Very simple. I have had the scope for over 2 years now and have fought with the damn thing every single time I shoot with it. I have a review I am working on for it.

Anyway. So I putzed around with the boresighter for about 20 minutes till I got it working. I need to sit down and actually see if I did it right. Then I need to try it again.


So overall, I had a pretty fun day. The M&P was a blast to shoot with that new red dot on it. I still think I will save up and buy one for the 10/22. That would be fun. Granted I wouldn’t be able to reach out very far with the rifle, but that’s ok. I only use it for plinking or small game hunting anyway. Anything within say 25 yards away so.

Till next time.

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