Change is a good thing right?

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change-roadsignSo apparently 2016 is bringing new and exciting change to our lives. Some great things are in the works over the next few months in both family life and my shooting life. So change is good right? Sure hope so.

So as for family life, we are moving! Through some awesome things just literally falling into our laps, we are planning a move in early to mid summer. More space, more room for the squirt to play in and in the long run it is going to save us money. We are really excited. This is going to be a great stepping stone for us in eventually getting into the house we really want.

Of course that means lots of packing. LOTS of Packing. Which also means a slight curtailing of and winter shooting activity, including range time. We are trying to save every dime we can. And did I mention that we have a LOT of packing to do.

As for the shooting life, there is plenty of change there too. With trying to save money, I am going to cut back on the number of matches I shoot this year. I still want to keep my hand it in and hope that next year I can get back into shooting more, but this year, I am going to just cut back some and take it easy.

Also, after thinking long and hard about it, I have decided to change the game I am playing. I have been shooting IDPA for a little over 2 years now and last year I got a taste of USPSA. And I got hooked. I had way more fun doing USPSA then IDPA. So I decided to focus my efforts in USPSA this year. Plus membership in USPSA is a little cheaper then IDPA. So I didn’t renew my IDPA membership. I am looking forward to playing this game, because that is all it is. A game. It is really getting frustrating in IDPA having so many people, including the leadership of the organization, believe it’s training and real world this and that. It’s a game, but some people loose sight of that. So USPSA here I come!

There has been a lot of background change in the blog too. I have added some affiliate links, added some behind the scenes stuff to wordpress and other things to make the site run better.

2016: The year of change!

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