How to: 10/22 Takedown Autobolt Conversion

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As part of the Great Thanksgiving Christmas Gift Buying Bonanza from my sister, I decided to go ahead and order the Autobolt conversion for my 10/22 Takedown. For those of you who don’t know, this is the conversion that allows you to easily release the bolt after locking it back. On the factory release, you have to flip it up and fiddle with it to get the bolt to release. With this conversion, you are able to just pull back on the bolt and when you let it go it flys forward into battery.


Sorry if you were hoping that Autobolt Conversion meant Full-Auto Conversion. While a full-auto 10/22 would be awesome, I really don’t want to go to jail. I’m too cute…

Anyway. For my conversion I decided not to modify the factory bolt release, but to buy the KIDD Innovative Design Kidd Auto Bolt Release for a 10/22® for Ruger® 10/22®. This way if I ever needed to go back to the original release, I could.

Installation is a breeze. Literally, the part just drops in and you push some pins back in. I was able to accomplish it in about 10 minutes and I have no gunsmith experience what so ever. The hardest part of the whole installation was trying to find a good spot for my Go-Pro so I could make the video below. Seriously.

Here is my first How To video below. Hope it helps.

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