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Time now for the first post on the new website.

A few months ago my buddy Justin customized his M&P22 pistol to make it more functional as a target pistol. He brought it to one of the Friday Night Steel matches and I got a chance to shoot it. Since I happened to have an M&P22 sitting in my safe, guess what I decided right there and then I wanted to do! I started looking at some of the various parts over the last few months since most all the parts are available on Amazon. At Thanksgiving, my sister decided that we could have Christmas early at my house, so I took the opportunity to get a bunch of parts I have been wanting, these included.

So for my build I chose an Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight with Weaver-Picatinny Rail Mount for the red dot and a FAB DEFENCE Fab-Defense Tactical Rifle/Firearm Gun Accessory / Part Handgun Universal Scope Mount Original Sights Remain USM from Fab Defense. Obviously I already had the base gun in the M&P22. To start out, first I cleaned the gun to make sure it was working.

Next I pulled the USM out of the package and was very surprised at how solid it is built. It is made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and was surprisingly heavy. I don’t mind the extra weight to help hold the pistol down during competition. Attachment was very easy. Once I took out the screw on the front, the mount then slides right on the accessory rail on the pistol. The only way this will mount to a pistol is if it has a picatinny accessory rail on the pistol already.

I slid the mount on and then re threaded the bolt back through, making sure it fit into a mounting notch. Once the bolt is tightened down, the mount sits firmly on the pistol.


Once I had the mount secured to the pistol itself, I unboxed the red dot sight for mounting. It’s not a bad red dot for the application I am using it for. It has 4 different reticles, 10 brightness settings with an off setting, a rubberized dust cover and batteries. The included instructions leave a lot to be desired on how to find the battery door and installing the battery, but after a few minutes of putzing around, I figured it out. Mounting the red dot was much easier then I thought. I think the red dot will handle the .22 LR round with no problems losing zero or breaking. I didn’t want to spend too much on a red dot for a .22 anyway. But I think this one will be fun, not only on the pistol, but I can put this on my 10/22 to plink with.


At first I was worried that it wouldn’t eject properly, but after looking at the assembly I see that there is plenty of room for ejection. Cleaning of the pistol will be easy as well since the whole assembly can be removed from the accessory rail on the pistol, cleaned and put back and not lose zero on the red dot.


And there you have it. My target .22 build. I have not yet had a chance to zero or shoot the gun, but I am planning on a range day when a couple of other parts arrive to zero and shoot some of the guns. I will have video of them being shot and zeroed.

Stay tuned for more!

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