IDPA October 11, 2015 – IWLA, Oxford, OH

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IDPA-LogoI was talked into one more match for the year by my friend Brad. Originally, we had talked about going and trying out the Bowling Pin Shoot at Miami Rifle and Pistol Club. But we got talking about it on Saturday and decided we needed to go kill some cardboardians. Plus, the Oxford matches have a new Match Director, so we were hoping that there would be some really cool, fun and new stages. We were not disappointed.

Ken, the new MD had a lot of moving and shooting stages. There was a lot of things changed up and some really new and fun things to shoot at. We had a blast.

The day started out chilly! It was only 45 degrees when Brad and I hit the road from my place around 7:30. It didn’t get over 60 by the time we left around 12:30 from the range. So it was a really great day for shooting. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the match.

I had the biggest flub ever on stage 2. I thought I would be all cool and gamer and do a reload with retention while moving from one position to another. Yeah that totally did not work. I totally did not have my hand in the right place and ejected the magazine before I was ready. Comepletly missed it, it hit the ground and I had to reach down and pick it up, put it back in the gun and keep going. I felt like a total idiot. You can even see it in the video in stage 2.

Other wise, we had a blast and I had a fun day shooting and I think I did pretty good.

Update 10/14/2015: I should really wait for the scores to come out at times. I did way better then I thought this time. I had my first stage win, two top 3’s on stages, came in 4th in my division and 13th overall out of 45 shooters. That was a very nice day. I was very excited when I got the scores. I couldn’t believe I had a stage win. That blew me away. But it just goes to show that a good balance of speed and accuracy is the winning formula.

Enjoy the video below. I tried shooting from a new angle so let’s see how it works out.

What I did good this time: I pushed myself harder then before and while I dropped a number of points, I still wanted to try to up my game and push harder.

What I did bad this time: I need to practice tactical reloads on the move. After totally flubbing the one on Stage 2, it just shows a weakness I need to work on pure and simple.

That’s it for this match. Check out the video below.

Check out the 2015 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:


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