IDPA September 20, 2015 – Tricounty Coonhunters Batesville, IN

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There is only one reason to get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning when you are a competitive shooter. Yes the wilds of the range called again, and it was match time. IDPA to be specific. This will probably be my last IDPA match for the year since things are starting to wind down in the season. It’s sad, but at the same time, exciting. But that is for another post.

Sunday dawned cold but great. We couldn’t ask for better shooting weather. It got up to only about 65, so it was nice a cool for a morning of slinging some lead. I got there a little early again to help as best as I could to set up the first 3 stages.

I once again squadded with my friends Brad (who SOed) and Chris and helped out scoring this time. Chris and I took turns doing it. I needed the experience and he needed a break. So I helped with match scoring.

Chaz the MD really put together some great stages again. We had some really fun and fast paced stages this time. There were a few stages where I flubbed some stuff, but there were others I just cooked through and had really good times and really great scores. We all had a lot of fun and there was some stiff competition.

There were two stages that I really enjoyed. One was a zombie stage where I shot fast and ran fast to get a good time. There was another that I shot really well on two movers and got zero down for the whole stage.

I had some equipment foul ups this time though that irked me. I have one magazine I need to look at. It get failing to feed properly when inserted and bumping the slide. It wouldn’t strip properly. I might need to clean the mag and check the spring. I need to run some snap caps through it to see what it does. Also my cover garment was a little tight, so I was not able to extend out like I should and that affected my shooting. I need to grab the other shirt or remove the sleeves from the one.

Over all it was a great match and I had a great time. I can’t wait for next year to roll around to go back and shoot some more with the Coonhunters group.

What I did good this time: I moved faster and pushed myself harder on the shots. I tried to take less points down while moving faster. I had some really great runs on some of the stages, at least better then what I feel I have been doing. I had some fast times and really great runs.

What I did bad this time: I had some gear malfunctions. I need to go through over the winter and check out all my gear before I put it all up for the winter. The malfunctions slowed me down, and I need to practice more on clearing them.

That’s it for this match.

Check out the 2015 IDPA Results page to find out how I placed.

Match Video:

Unfortunately, do to a hard drive crash, all the video from the match was lost. I am trying to recover the data currently, but it is not looking good. If I am able to recover the video, I will post it in another post. Thanks.

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