What’s in your Workout bag?

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Going to and from the gym that last few days, I have noticed that many people carry a bag full of stuff with them. I can’t help but compare them to the usual Range Bag. You know that ditty bag we shooters use to carry all of our shooting gear to and from the range. It made me start to think that my bride and I needed a bag to carry all of our workout stuff in and put all of our little accouterments in to store while we are on the equipment.

So I ask my readers who workout often….What do you consider to be essential gear in your gym bag? What are some things that you take to the gym and have found that you need? Am I over thinking this and just need to throw some water and towels into a bag with a couple of zipper pockets for our wallets and phones and stuff? What kind of bag works well? Are there things I should avoid?

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